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23rd November 2017.

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Differences Between Poultry Breeds  

Above (Fig. 2) is a comprehensive (and factual) comparison between the poultry breeds of kari improved Kienyeji chicken, kuroiler improved Kienyeji chicken, kenbro Kienyeji chicken and rainbow rooster with regard to their egg production and financial return from the sale of these eggs.

The information provided herein has been computed from material and resources availed by the primary breed producers ( i.e. KARLO, Keggs Farms Pvt. India, Indbro Research & Breeding Farms Pvt Ltd and Kenchic) through various forms including brochures, videos and various online material available both on their websites and other related sites. This is to ensure the highest accuracy of the information herein provided.

From the above analysis, the most profitable breed to keep for egg production is the KARI Improved kienyeji chicken.

This is so because the breed consumes the least amount of feed compared to all the other breeds. Thus, the breed offers the least egg production cost while their eggs are sold at the standard market price of Kshs. 450 per tray.

Comparatively, the KENBRO chicken may not be the highest feed consumer, however, due to its low egg production, it requires very many days of egg production to fill up a tray, and this translates to more feed consumption and hence a higher production cost for a tray of eggs.

In summary, for those seeking to keep chicken for egg production, below is the list of recommended breeds ranking from the Most Profitable to the Least Profitable:-

1. Kari Improved Kienyeji Chicken: Profit / Tray = Kshs. 300
2. Rainbow Rooster Chicken: Profit / Tray = Kshs. 150
3. Kuroiler Chicken: Profit / Tray = Kshs. 44
4. Hybrid Layers Chicken: Profit/Tray = Kshs. 5
5. Kenbro Chicken: Loss / Tray = Kshs. 57

Now, armed with the information above, go yee and make some profit!


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