Established way back in 2012, Homerange Poultry Kenya (HPK) is a company that specializes in the distribution of the KARI Improved kienyeji chicken.

From the humble beginnings of being a farm that housed only fifty chicken, we have grown to be a household name in the sale and distribution of quality KARI Improved kienyeji chicken.

We specialise in the sale of kari improved kienyeji day old chicks (DOC) and month old chicks (MOC), all of which have been expertly bred and managed to ensure the end product is a high quality mature kienyeji chicken that delivers high nutrition to consumers in the safest form possible



The KARI improved kienyeji chicken is an indigenous poultry breed researched on and developed by the former Kenya Agricultural Research Institute (KARI) (Now, Kenya Agricultural and Livestock Research Organisation - KALRO). It's a breed that took a decade (10 years) to breed and perfect, having commenced research in 2002, before officially launching it into the market in 2012. The breed was originally released under the brand name of KARI Kienyeji Chicken, but was revised later to be officially known both locally and internationally as The KARI Improved Kienyeji Chicken. This was inorder to emphasis the fact that this breed was purely a local indigenous chicken that is 100% kienyeji and that has retained all the characteristics of the ordinary village kienyeji chicken

The KARI Improved Kienyeji Chicken has much higher production in terms of eggs compared to the ordinary kienyeji chicken and hence why its called 'improved'!

With an average egg production of 25 eggs per hen per month (or 300 eggs annually) , it's production also outmatches all other 'improved kienyeji breeds' i.e. Kuroiler (150 - 200 eggs annually or 12-16 eggs per hen per month), Rainbow Rooster (160 - 180 eggs annually or 13 - 15 eggs per hen per month) or Kenbro ( 150 eggs annually or 13 eggs per hen per month).

This high egg production aspect is what makes the KARI Improved kienyeji chicken reign supreme over all other 'improved kienyeji chicken' breeds and why its unmistikably the most profitable breed to keep


To be a regional leader in the sale and distribution of indigenous kienyeji chicken, fostering socio-economic growth and prosperity of the people of East africa and the whole of Africa as a whole.
To be the leaders in the kienyeji poultry sector and have our brand synonymous with the word 'Kienyeji chicken' everywhere in the region. 'Usiseme kienyeji, sema Homerange!' (Don't just say indigenous chicken......say 'Homerange')
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