HOMEFEEDS kienyeji poultry feeds are specially formulated for the KARI kienyeji chicken breeds.

Formulated from the highest quality ingredients sourced from a diverse chain of suppliers, our feeds are nutritionally balanced to guarantee fast growth and development of your kienyeji chicken, start of lay from eighteen (18) weeks of age, coupled with optimum egg production from your hens during their productive egg laying period.

The feeds formulated for our parent stock at our kienyeji farms remains the same high quality feeds that is packaged and distributed as HOMEFEEDS for our customers. As a quality control measure, we test all batches of feeds produced by giving them to our own poultry stock to be able to assess quality and continue to make improvements with the aim of delivering the highest quality feeds in Kenya specially formulated for kienyeji chicken.

HOMEFEEDS guarantees the poultry farmer a nutiritionally balanced formulation that ensures your kienyeji chicken get the required nutritional needs during various stages of their development.

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