We have developed a comprehensive online comprehensive poultry farming training module that provides a detailed guide via online videos that address the various topics on poultry farming such as:-

  • Introduction to Profitable Poultry Farming
  • Incubation and Hatching
  • Brooding Management
  • Poultry Housing Design and Management including poultry house designs with dimensions
  • Poultry Feeding and Management including how to formulate poultry feed
  • Poulty Disease Control and Management
  • General Poultry Farm Management
  • Record Keeping
  • Production Monitoring and Evaluation
  • Project Finance and Capital Mobilisation
  • HPK Poultry farm virtual tour

The video are prepared and presented in a simple way to make it easy for everyone to grasp the concepts and ideas being discussed.

The videos contain visual representations of the subject matter e.g. when discussing poultry housing, the video displays the actual poultry houses that one is supposed to develop based on our poultry farm. This ensures that the learner gets an illustrative demonstration of every aspect and minimises the need to seek physical demonstration.

This training module is of immense benefit to those partcularly unable to attend our regular monthly onsite trainings at our farm.

Why Join :

This training module has the following benefits:-

  • Access to over 12 hours of expert content.
  • Access content 24/7/365.
  • Enjoy UNLIMITED ACCESS with NO TIME LIMIT. Learn at your own pace and convenience.
  • Enjoy interactive online Support & Advice through the End-Of-Training online facilitator question and answer session. This gives opportinity to the learner to seek further clarification on a face-to-face chat session with a facilitator.
  • Qualify to join our Homerange Kukupesa Outgrowers Programme (Click Here to learn more about the programme)
  • Certificate issued to all participants of the training.
  • Enjoy a Virtual Tour of our Poultry farm with a clear walkthrough of all the sections of our farm.

Applicable Access Charges:

Charges for the online training are as follows:

  • For Kenyans: Kshs. 2,000.
  • For Internationals: USD 85

How to book:

For Kenyan:
SMS the word TRAINING to 0727 200 116. Select "Online Training" and follow the command prompt on how to register and make payment via MPESA. Once you have submitted your payment, please visit the Facebook group then click on JOIN GROUP to send your request to join the group. We shall proceed to accept your request and you can have FULL ACCESS to the training content!

Send a WHATSAPP / SMS with your FULL NAME and COUNTRY OF RESIDENCE. We shall revert back to you with the payment details to process your payment. We accept payment via Paypal, Telegraphic Transfer (TT), Western Union or Mpesa Global. Once we receive your payment, we shall issue you with a payment confirmation & you can proceed to visit the
Facebook group then click on JOIN GROUP to send your request to join the group. We shall then accept your request and you can have FULL ACCESS to the training content!

Access to the videos will be for an unlimited time period with access 24/7/365.

This training is ideal for individuals both within and outside Kenya who have access to an unlimited internet connection.



Module 1 Preview: Introduction to Profitable Poultry Farming

Module 2 Preview: Brooding Management
Module 3 Preview: Poultry Housing & Designs
Module 4: Poultry Feeding & Feed Formulation
Module 5: Poultry Diseases Control & Management
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