This is a training aligned to the customers requirement. In this training, the customer seeks our services in receiving training onsite at our poultry farm.

The training covers any specific areas of interest for the customer and the training is designed to suit their preferences and needs as far as poultry farming is concerned.

The customer may seek training on a specific area of poultry farming that they feel they are inadequate over and the training will be tailored to suit this.

This training package is only available to be conducted within the week days i.e. Monday - Friday within our working hours of 9.00am - 5.00pm


This training package is inclusive of:-

  • Training venue
  • Trainer / Facilitator
  • Drinking water
  • Writing material
  • Dust mask and hand gloves (where necessary)

Minimum Training Participants:

The minimum number that we take for this training is ten (10) participants.

How to book:

The customer is required to make advance request via email / call / SMS to us with details of the proposed date when they wish the training to take place and the number of participants they expect to take part in the training. We then revert with a confirmation on possibility of availing a trainer on the proposed dates.

This training is ideal for a small group of people e.g. chama members, self help group, etc who have organised themselves into a group that wishes to engage in poultry farming as an investment option.

The participants receive hands-on training that equips them with the technical know-how of how to operate a profitable poultry enterprise.


Charges for the training are Kshs. 2,000 per person per day for a minimum of 10 participants. The training period is one (1) day. The customer may also however recommend a longer training period based on their needs.



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