Ever wanted to invest in poultry farming but have never really known the ropes of how to go about it or where the opportunities lay? Or have the many risks that you have read about from various sources hindered you from navigating the poultry landscape and making it investment?

Have you also heard that poultry investment is VERY PROFITABLE with farmers making over Kshs. 500,000/= by just keeping 200 chicken?

If you have answered YES to any of the above questions, then this POULTRY MASTERCLASS 2021 | EDITION 1 is a MUST-ATTEND workshop for you!

Welcome to THE POULTRY MASTERCLASS 2021 (EDITION 1), a premier event hosted by Homerange Poultry Kenya and facilitated by the CEO, Ian Mutwiri.

This MASTERCLASS will provide you with a rare opportunity to learn from over 10 years’ wealth of experience that Homerange Poultry Kenya has built in the Kenyan poultry sector.

This MASTERCLASS will expose you to:-

  • Understanding the diverse poultry breeds in the market and PROFITABILITY from each one of them (i.e. KUROILER, KARI, KENBRO, RAINBOW, LAYERS AND BROILERS)
  • Proper Chick Brooding Management to ensure minimal mortality and optimum growth of your chicks.
  • Poultry housing principles you should adhere to when designing an ideal poultry house. Further, we will offer you with a detailed 3D design and plan for a 500 bird poultry house with a detailed Bill of Quantities costing all the materials you require for the setup and construction of the poultry house.
  • A comprehensive Guide to poultry feeding for optimum production. We will also provide you with a detailed feed formula for preparation of high quality Chick Mash, Growers Mash & Layers Mash.
  • Diseases control and Management for common poultry diseases including a detailed guide on vaccination and treatment of these diseases.
  • A comprehensive discussion on the business investment opportunities currently within the poultry value chain in Kenya that you as an investor would be wise to invest in.

The Poultry MASTERCLASS is tailored to offer you an indepth understanding of the poultry sector in Kenya in a way that is parallel to none!

The MASTERCLASS will be conducted as a series of 2-hour daily virtual / online sessions (3pm - 5pm EAT) from 10th - 14th May 2021. These sessions will be hosted via ZOOM link

A MASTERCLASS Training Manual will also be shared with all you via their provided emails prior to commencement of the classes.

A poultry farm exposure visit to Homerange Poultry Farm - Ruaka farm will also be conducted on Saturday, 15th May 2021 for all you able to physically attend. Those you who will be unable to attend this session due to the ongoing travel restrictions in Kenya will have the opportunity to make the visit at a future date once the restrictions have been lifted. This exposure visit is critical in offering the MASTERCLASS attendants a practical understanding of how to operate and run a profitable poultry enterprise.

A certificate of participation will also be awarded to all you who complete all the modules outlined above.

How to Join & Register:
To register for the masterclass, simply send an SMS with the keyword ‘MASTERCLASS’ to +254 727 200 116 or an email to expressing your interest to join the virtual workshop.

Upon payment of the full workshop Fee of Kshs. 7,500 (Or USD 75), a payment confirmation will be dispatched to you and we shall include you in the WHATSAPP GROUP for the MASTERCLASS where all updates regarding the event are shared.

We look forward to having you on this POULTRY MASTERCLASS 2021 | EDITION 1 and building your capacity to make well informed investment decisions within the poultry value chain.

Kind regards,
Ian Mutwiri,
Homerange Poultry Kenya


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